Tech Briefing 2017

Vienna Secession in Technology

With great speakers, experts and a panache, we’re happily looking forward to Tech Briefing 2017 in Vienna, Austria. Tech Briefing 2017 is all about bringing executives, customers, partners, developers, VC decision makers, and software engineers together to imagine, learn, and build the future app/microservice startups.

At Tech Briefing 2017 in Vienna, you’ll be able to explore technology trends to build up your startup on ideas emerging in criss-crossed technology market landscape such as context brokering, remote browser, deception cybersecurity, software-defined camera and smartphone as a major personal computing platform. It’s not by chance we chose photo of Vienna Secession building for our announcement, not because we’ll take you there as part of our rich cultural program, but because of what it symbolizes: a change, look into future, thinking out of the box.

Vienna Secession

Side Session: Energy Options

A Global Energy Market & Technologies Perspective

Tech Briefing 2017: A Global Energy Market & Technologies Perspective

This briefing evaluates the technical, political, and economic challenges involved with widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies. Topics include: the available fossil fuel resources and reserves and the remaining years of supply; a comparison of their economics with those of renewable energy technologies; greenhouse gas buildup limitations on carbon-based power consumption; the level and timescale of R&D investment needed to support the expected global energy demand; the potential of renewable energy resources to support the projected global carbon-free energy demand; and the challenges to the chemical sciences to enable the cost-effective production of carbon-free power on the needed time scale.

The goal of this briefing is to provide an opportunity for interaction in the field of renewable energy that can lead to licenses, partnerships, collaborations, etc. Content of this briefing will be ideal for those involved in solar energy, wind energy, wave/marine-based energy, geothermal, advanced battery development and other energy storage devices, photovoltaic technology, advanced carbon-negative bio-fuels, energy efficiency technologies such as data center efficiency, green building technologies, etc.

This briefing intends to attract small and large businesses involved with renewable energy technology, federal agency & lab representatives, venture capital firms targeting this sector, and representatives of various regional, state, and/or university based renewable energy initiatives who are interested in forging transactions.

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